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Our Program

The Venice Garden Preschool is located in a charming and bright California bungalow-style home in a quiet residential area. We are licensed to provide care for up to 14 children ages 2.5-5 years at one time. We offer a variety of schedules from 2 days a week to 5 days a week.

We are a developmental preschool that respects and nurtures the individuality of each child. Curriculum is well balanced and age appropriately stimulating. The day flows in a natural rhythm, it is structured yet flexible.

We understand that emotional development is the core component to proper development of the whole child. We implement emotional and social support as well as validation throughout the day in our program. We teach children how to problem-solve using Conflict Resolution techniques - this teaches children to negotiate, compromise and to be critical thinkers. In the long run they are learning how to solve problems with their peers, negotiate their surroundings, and work together as a community.

The Venice Garden prides itself on offering an anti-bias curriculum, one that recognizes and celebrates diversity. We talk openly about all kinds of cultures, family units and lifestyles.

We celebrate all people and value each individual and their respective abilities. We realize that if children are to grow up with the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary for living in a complex, diverse world we must enable and empower them to be confident in their self-identity and just in their interactions.

Our school is comprised of a main classroom with an adjacent room outfitted as an art studio. The purpose of the art studio is to provide the children with the tools, materials, and space to explore their individual creativity. We also have a full kitchen and we enjoy cooking with varied ingredients, many which the children will grow themselves in our garden. The outdoor space includes a wooden climbing structure, bikes, a sandbox, a playhouse, a rock pit and an organic garden. The name "Venice Garden" is inspired by our plan to introduce the children to the beauty of seasons, nature and the Earth. When exploring in the garden we begin to develop a respect for life and an understanding of how everything is connected. The children will enjoy learning about all creatures, from insects to classroom pets like our gentle bunnies, fish, frogs and our red slider turtles. This will allow them the opportunity to learn responsibility and to care and nurture our planet and all its inhabitants.

The multi-faceted use of the whole property will give children the opportunity to be self-directed, which means having choices.  This is afforded by a child-teacher ratio of 3 adults to 14 children, which is excellent coverage and enables us to provide caring attention as well as challenging each child at whatever developmental stage they are at.

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